Fluorogenics Quality


Fluorogenics Limited’s facilities are located on the Tetricus Science Park within the MoD site at Porton Down. These facilities are certified to ISO 13485 quality management standards. We are therefore able to meet both research and development, and manufacturing quality requirements for a broad number of products types in different market sectors.

The processes developed by the Fluorogenics team are designed to be relevant and to meet our customers’ needs. The product realisation and manufacturing processes meet the recognised approaches and best practice of the IVD industry. These processes were approved in early 2015 to the designated standard by SGS Ltd external auditors.

Quality Assurance is not a just a badge or accolade at Fluorogenics, rather it is at the heart of what we do. A robust system that is operated by employees assures our customers that we deliver to the highest possible standards that our industry requires.
Our current certificate is available for download from the following link. If you require specific information for your quality procedures, or you would like to review, audit or discuss quality policy and procedures, then please contact us at quality@fluorogenics.co.uk.

Please click the icons below to view our current certificate.