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Cirrus Strips are in our store.

25th Jan 2016

  Cirrus Strips Packet Border GREY

Fluorogenics will soon launch Cirrus Strips™. This product is a 96 well plate pre-dispensed with 20 µL of dry Cirrus™ 5’ nuclease reagent. Optimised specifically for real-time amplification using the 5’ nuclease signalling system Cirrus Strips™ will provide you with an optimised PCR or RT-PCR. Simply add your primers, probes, and template to each well to a final volume of 20 µL. The 96 well plate is configured to be compatible with a variety of instruments. Strips may be removed (8 wells) from the frame for use in smaller quantities. Each well is individually sealed. The tray is packed into a re-sealable foil pouch and is shipped and stored at ambient temperatures without excessive packaging, or the inclusion of hazardous goods (dry ice). The product has a life of at least 18 months when stored sealed at ambient temperatures (15-30°C).Cirrus Strips Combined Strip and Close up with Border GREY

Please enquire at for pricing and availability.

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