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Fluorogenics Seeking Distributors

12th Feb 2016

Fluorogenics is increasing its range of ambient stored Lyophilised PCR amplification reagents. We are seeking enthusiastic distributors in some EU and many other geographic regions. If you believe that your customers can benefit from better performance, reduced reagent batch-to-batch variability, whilst eliminating dangerous goods and lowering the carbon footprint of their research or diagnostics application then we would like to work with you to take our products into your market.


Fluorogenics has a growing portfolio of vial and plate based products including DNA binding Dye and 5’ nuclease real-time reagents. All reagents are stored and transported without cold supply chain greatly simplifying their transit to customers whilst opening up a variety of non-laboratory applications.


Some regions will be available on an exclusive basis. For further information, please contact us at with an overview of your business and market opportunity.