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Cirrus™ RNA

Cirrus™ RNA (Product code: CIR-RNA-1000-01)

Cirrus™ RNA is a core master mix that has been formulated specifically as a 5’ nuclease real-time PCR reagent. It contains the core ingredients to amplify RNA targets requiring only the addition of your primers, dual labelled probes and RNA template.

The core components include a leading brand Taq polymerase and an anti-Taq antibody blended with a thermal stable RNase H +ve RNA dependant DNA polymerase (MMuLV). A single tube reverse transcription reaction may be carried out at high temperatures
(40-55°C) for a specific RNA target PCR amplification.

This dry reagent surpasses the performance of non-lyophilised reverse transcriptase products at a competitive price and flexible format.

Cirrus™ products are shipped at ambient temperature, without excessive packaging, or the requirement for dangerous goods transport (dry ice). The product has a significantly lower carbon footprint than competing products. Fluorogenics Limited will not add any packaging costs to your invoice, only the transport costs will apply.