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Admix™ is Fluorogenic Limited’s custom amplification lyophilisation service. If you have a requirement for your own custom lyophilised amplification reagent then we can carry out the development under contract to deliver your specification. As an ISO 13485 company we can develop and manufacture IVD products for CE marking under your own label.

The process to make custom products will be similar to that used for our own brand products such as Cirrus™. It may be that you require a product that is close to one of our existing brands. Alternatively, you may require the inclusion of custom solutes, or you may have a need for these reagents to be dried and packaged into specific amplification tubes or other packaging. In some cases you may require a completely new formulation based on alternative enzymes and supply chain. The Admix™ service will deliver your requirement.

We can use our existing preferred supply chain to bring quality enzymes, oligonucleotides and other materials to your product. We can recommend supply chain choices and support your product intellectual property assessments to help enable a freedom to operate position.

The time frame to develop and the cost to produce a product for you will depend upon your specific requirements. There are many different enzyme suppliers and PCR tube formats. These may require some specific research and development and/or tooling to make your product. To help understand the development process Fluorogenics has produced a technical note which can be downloaded from the technical support page. Please review this article to familiarise yourself with the process and options available.

Whatever you require, the first step is to provide a product requirement. Our custom product specification form is downloadable from the technical support page. Please complete this form as fully as possible and email to us at Admix@fluorogenics.co.uk. This will start the process and we may contact you for more information, if required, as part of the process.

Admix Custom Product Form