Fluorogenics Services



Fluorogenics has significant technical and commercial experience in the field of nucleic acid amplification beyond the scope of the contract research and development and manufacturing services that we can provide.

Dr M A Lee (Director) carried out his first PCR in 1990 and continued to develop real-time PCR technology through the early 1990s. In 2001 he organised and chaired the world’s first real-time PCR conference in Winchester, UK. In 1996-2004 Dr Lee led the initiative to exploit the Dstl Portfolio of PCR technology that became Enigma Diagnostics Ltd, founded in 2004. The management team of Fluorogenics Limited continues to co-edit a leading authoritative text in the field of PCR.

Fluorogenics can provide support to its customers to deliver ambient reagent solutions as part of integrated systems and workflows. We can provide support consultancy to assist with assay benchmarking, reagent and consumable design, as well as helping to solve key technical issues in your nucleic acid workflow or integrated platform.

For further information, including testimonials, or our terms and conditions, please contact us at Technical@fluorogenics.co.uk